Lazy Lavender Afternoons

Lazy Lavender Afternoons


This is a gift that's meant to be experienced! This gift set is relaxation in a box with all of the elements to create some relaxing 'Me Time'. These handmade and small batch products are made with essential oils infusing the pure and relaxing scent of lavender.

  • Set the mood for a relaxing lazy lavender afternoon with this gorgeous low-maintenance air plant from my friends at The Finleyville Flower Shop. No soil or pot required, this beauty can sit on the edge of your tub or on a shelf. A fresh spritz of water every week or so will keep it happy. 
  • Continue the tranquil setting with two soy candles from North Ave Candle Co., hand-poured in classic mini canning jars. This box includes two candles, each specifically paired to the lavender theme. And of course, never search for something to light the candles with the inclusion of two decorative boxes of wooden matches.
  • Once the mood is set, slip into Buttercup and Thistle's Lavender Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak with the skin-loving properties of both Himalayan pink and Dead Sea salt.
  • Step out of the bath and enjoy the relaxing benefits of lavender all day long with the unique solid body lotion from Erra Creations. This handmade lotion is deeply moisturizing with beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils.

Don't stress about this gift! Everyone can use a lazy lavender 'me moment'.

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