The Slow Tea Experience

The Slow Tea Experience


This tea gift set was curated especially for tea lovers and it meant to be enjoyed on a slow weekend morning. For the person who enjoys the experience of making their tea as much as drinking the tea itself.

This gift box features TWO local tea goddesses. Leaf and Twig and Tupelo Honey Teas, and each brings a unique hand-blended approach to the warm, spicy, and earthy notes perfect for a cold winter morning.

  • Tupelo Honey Tea's Christmas Chai is hand-blended in small batches and blends traditional chai flavors like cloves, ginger, and nutmeg with the unexpected notes of peppercorns and chestnut.
  • Leaf & Twig lends their herbal expertise to a spicy twist on the popular golden milk powders. This Warm Tumeric Spice powder is wonderful blended into warm milk (try it with a nut milk like cashew or almond milk!)
  • At Apoidea Apiary thousands of tiny artisans came buzzing together to create this dark honey under the watchful eye of their loving beekeeper who infused it with her Kenyan Chai spices. Enjoy the pure flavor of this superior honey as a sweetener or on it’s own when added to warm water. It’s a unique sweet and spicy chai experience on a chilly winter morning.
  • This gift set is accented with old world charm by the addition of a hand carved wooden honey dipper from the artisan at Black Ship Grooming Co. 
  • Warning: This Vanilla Almond biscotti from Cafe Kolache will ruin all other biscotti for you. It’s like the world’s best biscotti and the world’s best shortbread had a baby. There is simply nothing better to pair with tea.

You’ll be the queen bee when you give this gift.

*The wooden honey dippers were provided by the craftsman in a variety of gorgeous woods and will be randomly selected for each gift box.

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